Dr. Thomas Daubenbüchel

Senior Consultant

“The economic and social environment that companies and industry associations operate in is changing rapidly. It is no longer just proof of monetary success, but rather trust and credibility that are key factors behind successfully building and expanding a positive reputation. To achieve this, companies need more than ever a level of communications management that is well positioned in terms of speed and readiness for change, and the use of contemporary instruments and channels. SKM contributes answers to questions of how communication processes must be designed and how messages should be conveyed so that they are noticed and, in the best case, processed by stakeholders under the conditions of the digital media world.”


SKM Consultant since 2021


Previous professional experience

  • Alltours Group, Dusseldorf: Head of Corporate Communications and Press Spokesperson
  • Wincor Nixdorf AG, Paderborn: Head of Press and Corporate Communications Office, Head of Social Media
  • CW Haarfeld/Wolters Kluwer, Essen: Head of Editorial
  • KOOB Agency for Public Relations, Mülheim (Ruhr): Head of Editorial
  • Readymix AG, Ratingen: PR Consultant and Editor in Corporate Communications
  • Editor at a nationwide weekly newspaper
  • Rheinische Post (newspaper): Freelancer and Regular Contributor


Teaching experience

  • Stuttgart Media University: Adjunct Professor in Corporate Communications and PR
  • SRH Fernhochschule – Mobile University, Riedlingen: Lecturer in Media Production



  • Newspaper traineeship
  • Studied Publishing and Communication Science, Modern History, Social and Economic History, and Political Science at the Ruhr University Bochum. Degree: Magister Artium and Promotion in Publishing and Communications Science