SKM joins Nextlaw Public Affairs Network

SKM Consultants has joined the Nextlaw Public Affairs Network. The global network includes over 200 public affairs and public relations firms in over 150 countries and is sponsored by Dentons, the world's largest law firm. In addition to connecting public affairs firms with each other, it also links them to more than 22,000 attorneys in approximately 700 law firms that are members of the Nextlaw Referral Network.

The sectors law and public affairs belong closely together. Clients need knowledgeable professionals who understand the regulatory, business and economic cultures of their respective regions. Dentons launched both the Nextlaw Referral Network and the Nextlaw Public Affairs Network, to connect clients with the best lawyers and public affairs professionals around the world.

Membership in the Nextlaw Public Affairs Network provides us with new opportunities for cooperation to leverage synergies between law and public affairs as well as international collaboration.


About Nextlaw Public Affairs Network

The Nextlaw Public Affairs Network is a unique platform that connects and supports public affairs and public relations firms around the world. The network currently includes more than 200 companies from 150 countries and continues to grow daily. The technology platform is designed to help global clients easily and efficiently collaborate with public affairs firms that have a deep understanding of the government, business and economic cultures in their communities and regions around the world.  


About Nextlaw Referral Network

Nextlaw Referral Network is the world's largest lawyer referral network. The platform includes nearly 700 law firms worldwide with over 22,000 lawyers. lawyers. The Network recently won the "International Law Firm Innovation" award at the Legal Week Innovation Awards and is recognized by Chambers in its top strata of legal networks. The network and its sophisticated technology make it easy for high-quality law firms of any size to work closely together to ensure that clients can pinpoint the precise right lawyer for the right matter in any practice and sector, anywhere in the world.