Shaping the debate.

We are all part of the discourse. And we all represent our interests - sometimes overtly, sometimes more subtly. But always with a view to shaping opinion.


It is an old game. What is new is the growing number of players. The diversity of the arenas. The pace of play.


The rules have also changed. More is permitted. Less is of interest. More is communicated. Less is relevant.


New technologies are transforming old forms of mass communication. Algorithms are taking the place of editors. But even in this world of old and new discourse, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs still have their place.


What matters more than ever: taking a clear stance and being credible. Making statements you can substantiate. Being authentic. And being equally clear about what you do not want to say.


At SKM Consultants, we advise clients on how to participate in discourse. How to communicate with employees and external partners. We offer Training in dealing with both traditional media and social media networks. How to engage with local communities, authorities and politicians. As part of an ongoing Stakeholder Engagement or for Crisis Management purposes.


There is no way to isolate yourself from discourse. Even a deliberate refusal to engage  sends a message. Failing to take a position is a position in itself. If you are playing this game – whether you have to or you want to – then shape it!