Public Affairs: Every business model is political

Politics defines the rules, even for your business model. The basis for this is a political agenda that appeals to a broad range of people. This is not created in backroom deals or at party conventions, but is rather driven by public discourse. We help you identify and analyse the debates relevant to your business model at the interfaces of politics, business and society, and use this as a basis to develop the appropriate strategies. We do not sell “contacts”. Instead, together with our clients we develop solutions to build resilient networks on an equal footing and forge thematic alliances.


Public discourse drives politics. This influences the reputation of companies and their regulatory framework.


We analyse stakeholder environments, develop political scenarios and build strategic networks at an early stage.


Building reputation in the political sphere, protecting the business model via compatible narratives, resilient networks and alliances.

Stakeholder Engagement in political discourse

A company’s agenda should not be driven by the market alone. It cannot be determined solely by supply and demand expectations. Public discourse is also a powerful driver. Whether it be the high-profile NGO campaign, the investigative article or the shocking video on YouTube.

The consequences can go beyond damage to a company’s reputation. Once politics enters the scene, there are consequences for the business model, turnover and earnings. That is why for us there is no division between a pre-political and political space. Instead we take a holistic view of all stakeholders, their communication and the possible dynamics arising from it. We offer strategic stakeholder mapping that identifies and classifies relevant actors at an early stage. Based on this, we develop the appropriate scenarios and engagement strategies for our clients.

  • strategy and scenario development
  • stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • addressing stakeholders and Stakeholder Engagement
  • alliance building
  • development and support of initiatives and platforms
  • content support and advice on working with industry associations
  • NGO dialogue

Systematically managing risk issues

What use is the latest marketing campaign when a company’s licence to operate is threatened by regulatory plans? Through methodical issues management, we identify at an early stage the developments and political agendas relevant to our clients’ business model and products – internationally as well as at the EU, federal and state level. A nuanced monitoring of topics makes it possible to detect both long-term shifts in the political environment and risks (issues), as well as sudden threats to sectors or companies (crises). For these scenarios, we develop strategies and measures to minimise their impact.

Increasing visibility within social surroundings

The marketplace of opinions surrounding political actors is moving faster and faster. There is an almost unimaginable supply of information on all channels and contact points, making it increasingly difficult for companies to differentiate themselves and their issues – and therefore get through to political decision-makers. In order to be heard, we – together with our clients – develop an integrated communication approach. It includes a convincing narrative that is politically relevant, creative implementation as well as tailored execution in the channels that are relevant to the target group.

  • integrated communications and campaign strategies
  • development of political messaging for media relations, press statements and Q&As
  • preparation of consultation and position papers
  • conception and content creation for digital public affairs
  • development and implementation of formats such as political newsletters, events, podcasts or videos