Corporate Communications: developing stories – placing core messages

In an increasingly digitalised media society, it is becoming more and more difficult for companies to cut through with their own messages. At the same time, those who do not actively communicate run the risk of being talked about rather than talked to. Communication is a competition: for attention, but also for customers, investors, employees and for social acceptance. In a dynamically changing media world with new players and critical consumers, the ability of companies and industry associations to participate in societal discourse is more important than ever. A company’s reputation and the trust of relevant stakeholders are essential for the success of projects and products. We support our clients both in the development of narratives and messages, as well as in the practical implementation of communication strategies. This also includes tailoring content to suit target groups across different channels.


Making an impact without over-hyping. Refining messages without distorting content. Placing messages effectively requires a mastery of the communication toolbox.


Together we identify and critically analyse goals and content, and tailor messages for the appropriate channels.


We help our clients avoid risks and take advantage of opportunities: internally and externally, on- and offline and always integrated.

Successful communication needs a strategy

To make an impact with your messaging you first need to know your own position and goals. We play devil’s advocate and ask critical questions. By challenging our clients, we help them improve their messaging. We provide support by developing strategic communication goals and mission statements, as well as planning of communication measures. But some things always remain in focus: customers, employees, competitors and the public discourse. In the 21st century, reputation is not only based on the quality of products or services, but also on a recognisable profile: the corporate brand.

  • corporate SWOT analysis
  • stakeholder and topic research
  • strategy and concept papers
  • development of mission statements (including workshops)
  • development of core messages and Q&A
  • communications planning and identification of suitable channels
  • content positioning of CEO and management

Participation in public discourse

Communication strategies are only the beginning. They need to be brought to life. We support our clients by putting the communication roadmap into action – making it as structured as possible and as agile as necessary. Messages need to arrive at the right time, to the right audience and on the right channel. Continuous topic analysis and daily monitoring are just as much a part of our services as maintaining contact with journalists and those who influence public debates. 

  • topic research and monitoring
  • topic placement
  • support during background discussions
  • planning and support during press conferences and interviews
  • maintaining contact with journalists, cultural gatekeepers and influencers

Day-to-day PR support

At SKM Consultants, we see ourselves not only as consultants and trainers, but also as sparring partners and service providers. When clients need project-specific support, we are there with additional manpower and a wide range of communication services. From podcasts and video productions, to social media support and event moderation.